Singles Club


The SCW Singles are a group of active people looking to meet and mingle with others of a like mind who are not satisified sitting at home on the shelf. Our focus is that our members will grow into a network of friends who like to have fun together. Members are encouraged to propose, organize and host events for the group. Organizing and hosting an event can be as simple as contacting a venue (restuarant for example) setting a date with the venue and making the event known to the group through signup sheets provided at each group meeting. Or you may choose to host an event in your home or on your patio. The procedure is basically the same. Set the date, contact & nbsp;club social events director to get the event posted on the signup sheets, set the limit of attendees if any and enjoy. See our Calendar for coming events.

If you have a positive attitude, come join with us, meet great people, make new friends and enjoy the activities.

Joining is very simple. Just come to our monthly meeting held held at Palm Ridge Recreation Center and sign up.